Artist's Statement
My artistic background is intertwined with my family, the places I grew up and my spirit blossoming in those environments. I, Julien Landau though born in Geneva Switzerland, was raised a Tiburonite happily from the days the train track lead to the 'Five and Dime' store on the Boardwalk. In the summertime my parents, two older sisters and I resided in Bastelica, the ancestral village of my mother in Corsica, France. As a child free to explore the village of Bastelica, or going with my family on easy and carefree walks to the nearby creek, I always perceived Bastelica (and Corsica) as thrilling and magical. It's wondrously refreshing spicy mountain air, all it's manner of wild animals, the sound of summer insects chirping amidst the sight of bright flowers and lush foliage - introduced me to wonder and beauty, energizing the batteries of my soul from this early age. The same sense of freedom, elation, and ease was found in Tiburon as my friends and I explored town. From skipping rocks near the pier, 'dirtbiking' together to candy shops, cardboard sliding on nearby hills, swimming at the TPC, and playing late-night 'kick the can' games - there always was no shortage of fun! Most often, whilst indoors I'd be found in my mother's art studio. There, she would break from work by patiently teaching me color and design principals (and techniques). The appreciation and use of vivid lights and subtle tones, geometries with balance - these are design principles I learned with patience and heartfelt Joy from my mother. I had always been drawn to technical arts, and when I picked up a $50 point and shoot digital camera and increased it's color settings, I had found my Art. With diligent and incessant practice I honed my skill in the medium of photography, eventually finding a style, message and aim. That aim has been to combine the sense of wonder and 'free spirirt' I drew early on with friends and family in Tiburon and Bastelica - with the artistic style of the school of 'Magical Realism'. By evoking a sense of mystery, stillness amidst motion, (and even a wistful and detached perhaps 'lonely' romanticism) I hope to remind and reconnect us to that wondrous and free spirit I experienced. I would name it ethereal, mysterious yet intimate - seeming to strike fundamental and true feelings that perhaps, can be described as being more real than 'real'. Surrounding and enveloping us I believe we are part of a spirit that we can also feel inside. In sharing prints of real yet 'dreamy' and mysterious moments with you, my hope is that this mystery, wonder and joy is now ours to share. The bright colors come by way of increasing color settings in the cameras (and not from 'photoshoping' the images).